An XL pitbull or American Bully Pitbull comes from various designers or hybrids, and the American bully pitbull is known as a Bully pit, as these are the breeds of the last two decades. The American Bully Pitbulls were first bred from 1980 to 90. The breed aimed to produce excellent family and companion dogs—the breeding of American bully Staffordshire terrier and American pitbull Terrier results in American bully XL pit bulls. 

So if you are passionate about knowing all about extra-large Pit bulls, the post is the right informational blog for you.

History of the XL pitbull

The pitbull puppies, commonly well known as the fighting dogs in the early 1800s, are considered to be sometimes aggressive and have a high prey drive. The XL Pitbull breeder is well known for the highly obedient, intelligent, agile, people-friendly but animal aggressive and is proven to be the best pet in your home. 

If the pitbull’s XL dogs are trained well, they can be great companions.  


Varieties of XL pitbull

The extra-large Pitbulls classifications have been categorized into four varieties in which the dog’s height of blue nose pitbull plays an important role, but pitbull XL weight does not matter. 

The main varieties of the pitbulls are: 



If the dog comes with a demise head structure, with a medium-size body, and the height is 17 to 20 inches tall, it will be the standard size of the pitbull.


The XL Pitbulls with 14 to 17 inches in height are pocket-sized.


The classic size pitbull is the same as the standard variant’s size but has a light frame body.


We are the owners of King Built bullies, where we work for the production of exotic and top-quality XL pitbulls worldwide. Our main objective is to meet the goals and necessities of the breeding program to produce the best pit bulls with the best qualities and temperament. We believe that it is essential that every pit bull should get a lot of care and attention from the owners at the domestic level and the personal owner from the day first of their birth. Training and socializing the pit bulls from day one is the foremost objective and aim at

Moreover, we strive for the best results to promote the health and upbringing of the XL Pitbulls in every issue, and we do not sell the XL puppies to not any one individual as we have an entire screening process to make sure the protection and safety of the XL pitbulls with the suitable families and business sites. You might think of the XL pitbulls near me because these make great companions and family dogs with great temperaments due to our efforts and attention.

Furthermore, the XL pitbulls and XL American Bullies are bred together, with females weighing 130 to 150 pounds and males weighing 110 to 140 pounds. The company focuses on breeding XL Pitbulls as personal protection dogs, emotional support dogs, and guard dogs for domestic use and companies. We work for the strong relationships between the owners and XL Pit bulls and kennels. Therefore, we can provide foresight into which breeds can be your next companions and for your families.  

We have so many XL pitbulls breeds for sale on the King built bullies, thus leading to an overwhelming and challenging task to decide which to opt for your home or your business point of view. In addition to being great healthy and beautiful breeds and excellent companion pets, the XL pitbulls of our company are produced by the highly developed line of champion dogs. Our complete range of dog production comes from the origin of champion bloodlines or make-brood XL pitbull females or stud dogs and bitches from other breeders. 

Therefore, to promote our business of pitbulls, we offer fully vaccinated dogs and guarantee the best health and a good diet. We offer registration of the pit bulls in the form of documents, the examination regarding the health of the XL pitbulls by the veteran’s doctors, protection of you and your pit bull in a written contract, dewormed several times. In addition, we also provide a membership for the XL pitbull owners in the Face group family in which extensive plans and strategies for training XL pitbulls for all types of circumstances and situations are explained. We make our pitbulls well social listed, make our majority of breeders well literate, and offer enormous knowledge and skills about the training of Pitbulls. 


XL pitbulls for sale in Florida

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Why choose XL pitbulls by King built bullies

Whether you are a beginner in the field of business in the field of pets or a professional looking for a new addition to our business or a family, our selection of XL Pitbulls is included in the sales deals exactly to be a perfect fit for your deals and searchers. 

At king built bullies, we produce the high standards of XL pitbulls of all sizes and colors. So our XL pit bulls have shown by their features that they can meet and exceeds all the standards of the pit bull breeds. We care for the responsible breeder’s ethical standards with the healthy and happy male and female pitbullies that get the premium care and attention before and after the birth. These pitbulls are certified with DNA tests, friendly and powerful total show dogs. As a result, great breeding techniques all come with guaranteed health ethics so that you can take them for your great family companions and guardians for your homes. 

As full-time breeders of the XL Pitbulls, we are always available for our customers’ care and queries.  


Features of XL pitbulls on King Built Bullies

• The XL pitbulls are a bit larger than the American bullies, mainly, the male pitbulls are 22 to 26 inches tall, and pitbulls females are 20 to 25 inches tall. 

• The XL pitbull puppies are robust and extensive breeds and weigh 80 to 150 pounds. 

• The body of the XL pitbull kennels has short legs, large heads, and a muscular build.

• The muscles of XXL pitbull kennels are well defined, despite having muscles in their bodies and strong built, but it does not take them away from the soft and sweet personalities. 

• Moreover, the particular attributes go to the wrinkly skin of the body, and as the size of their body increases, these features become more well-defined and well pronounced. 

• The body of the XL pitbull Female is the same as the American bully breed and the same body type as the American bully type. 

• The body of the XL pitbull bloodlines has short muzzles, with a comprehensive and squared format and rounded at the end.

• Due to the smaller heights and short legs, the look of the body of the XL pit bull breed becomes very concise and dense. 

• The XL pitbull black is considered the docile family pet and has minimum animal aggression compared to other breeds of pit bulls. 

• The pitbull American XL is considered an intelligent breed and is efficient to perform like show dogs, service dogs, and trained professional dogs. These qualities make them different from the other breeds, and they can adapt to distinct situations. 

• The pit bull class are well known for being highly kids friendly and comes with the extreme eagerness to oblige their loved ones.

• The great temperament, loyalty, and impressive stature are the well-defined characteristics of American bully pit bulls XL and are known for the exposition of love and affection. 

• XL pitbull Americans have the qualities of love and affection, and the owner can expect a high level of love from them. 

• The pit bulls XL Puppies are well known for the feelings and emotions of their owner in every situation and their body language and can easily differentiate between threatening behavior and harmless situations. 

• The XL pitbull puppies are additionally functional, healthy, and athletic and need enough 30 to 60 minutes of exercise and workouts, as XL pitbull lifespan depends on such factors. 

• The exercise in groups and the good XL pit bulldog food and diet is a must-have for the XL pit bull breeds, making them strong dogs.

• The nature of the XL Pitbull kennel is lovely; it makes friends quickly, is fun to work with, has the joy to be around, loves people, adapts, and adores even strangers without issues. 

• American bully pitbull XL seems scary, but they are a surprisingly gentle, loving, and friendly breed. 

• The training sessions of the pitbull classifieds make them happy ad joy-full and work well for the mental and physical stimulation. 

• The IQ level of the XL pitbull American is exceptionally high, and they are brilliant and have a higher ability to protect their owners in their time of need. 

• The life expectancy of the XL pitbulls comes between 9 to 13 years. 

• To ensure the healthy life of XL Pitbulls and the growth of bones and muscles, they should be given high fat and protein content. But in contrast to high protein content, the raw food diet such as sourced from organic farming is also a good diet for them as it comes with high nutritional value and content. 


The ample exercises for XL Pitbulls

Yes! There are ample exercises and workouts for the XL pit bulls on King built bullies to make their bodies healthy and muscular. It is an excellent option to avoid destructive behavior like digging and chewing up your yard or garden. They should have practiced with the positive outlets for their energy and growth.

Moreover, when good workouts and exercise are added to their routines, they will become the perfect canine companion, and the aim of being well-bred will be filled. But this does not mean that even the single walk schedule needs to be a challenging core exercise. Instead, these breeds need to have a nice heel walk during a day around your neighborhood. These walks and exercises are good bonding with the owners and the strong relations between your dog and yourself. This practice will make a solid and keen chance to make your pitbull a respectful attitude towards the owner. 

Despite having leisure kind of walks, there is a wide variety of fun ways and practices to make them strong and healthy, like:


Spring pole

To keep your pitbull busy and indulge in the physical activities on your part, the spring pole is the best exercise to opt for. Spring pole is the only exercise and workout that keeps the muscles and body strong and makes them busy for hours. 

Weight pulling

The internationally recognized sport for the XL pitbulls is the weight pulling that has involved the canine community for a long time. The workout involves training a pitbull with a complete harness and tethered to a big cart with wheels. 

Flirt pole

The flirt pole is a workout or an exercise where the pitbull needs you to swing around when the dog tries to catch the toy from the endpoint. I don’t have enough space in your back for the workouts you can get for the spring pole and flirt poles for your Pitbulls in your home.

if the owner of the XL pitbulls does not take care of their pit bulls, then there comes the problem of XL pitbulls’ health issues, for which the consultation from the veteran doctor is a must 


XL Pitbull's price

On average, the XL Pitbull cost comes in between the range of $2500 to $5000, but there is a wide range of ups and downs in the price of XL pitbull females and variations in the XL Pitbull breeds. The prices of the XL pit bulls are on the higher side, and the price of standard varieties is less common and used.  

Frequently asked questions

What is the XL Pitbull weight?

The weight of an American bully or XL pitbull ranges between 80 to 120lbs. the weight difference can be due to many aspects like bone structure. Skull size and the extreme varieties of XL Pitbulls have a wider stance. The muscle mass of the XL pitbulls depends on the type of diet and foods it consumes. 

Are XL pitbulls dangerous?

No, not at all. The xl Pitbulls are extremely friendly and joyful towards their owners and even with strangers. They are not aggressive towards the children and the other dogs out of the blue. 



The characteristics and features of XL pitbulls at king built discussed above are the components of breed carriers and can come in them without professional training. These unique and desirable features make XL pitbulls an ideal pet for the whole family and friends and a great excellent companion for the surrounding people. 

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