Welcome to King Built Bullies where we produce top quality & exotic XL American Bullies across the world. Our number one goal for our breeding program is to produce dogs that have the best temperament. We feel it is very important that every puppy gets a lot of attention from the day they are born. Socializing puppies from day one is very important to us here at KBB as we strive to produce the best. We will not sell a puppy to just anyone. We have a full screening process to ensure our puppies are safely placed with the right family. Now if you’re ready to own your own lion on a leash, please reach out!

Our top-selling American bullies puppies for sale

American bully XL puppy makes great family companions and has excellent temperaments. Our XL bullies and XL American Bully puppies are bred with females weighing between 130 – 150 pounds and males weighing between 110 – 140 pounds. These XL bully puppy dogs are bred for a personal protection dog, guard dog and/or an emotional support dog.

Regardless of their heritage or the high demand for these puppies, all of our pups have excellent temperaments. They all make superlative family pets, therapy dogs, servicemen and women companions, police, K9 units and more.

We create strong bonds with our dogs and their bully kennels individually. Therefore, we can predict which of our lovely ladies will make the best companions for your family.

Characteristics of our XL bullies for sale

Our XL Pitbulls are tall and wide, with short coats and incredible builds. They also have some of the most outstanding personalities and temperaments – fabulous with children, dogs and other pets.

With so many available XL bullies for sale, it can be challenging to decide which one to bring home with you. In addition to being exceptionally beautiful, healthy dogs and excellent companions, our American Bully pups come from a highly developed lineage of champions

Our dog’s productions come from champion bloodlines and make excellent stud dogs or brood XL bully females bitches for other breeders. We offer various colors of XL bully breedings, including Champagne, Fawn, Blues, Chocolates and more!

ü  Fully Vaccinated dogs

ü  The industry’s best health guarantee

ü  By contract, you & your purchase are protected

ü  Registration documents entirety

ü  A licenced veterinarian examined it

ü  Several times dewormed

ü  Membership in our Facebook group “FAMILY.”

ü  Potty training strategies that are extensive

ü  For all situations, well-socialized

ü  Make the most of our breeders’ enormous knowledge.

Bully pitbull puppies for sale in Florida

At the King Built Bullies, you will find your next bully pit while taking advantage of our expertise in the bully breed. We have years of experience raising and selling many breeds of puppies.

Our XL Pitbull Bullies are carefully bred with our top-quality grand champion bloodlines American bully breeders and produced to maintain this superior quality. We encourage visitors and welcome them on an appointment basis. If you cannot visit, you can ensure that all of our photos and videos are real and recent.

Get the best deal on XL bully studs males for sale near me. Moreover, our American bully XL for sale is loved by families worldwide! Plus, with a Long-year reputation, we have received multiple 5-star reviews from our customers over the past decade.

Why our XL bully puppies are so unique

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your family or a show-stopping dog, our selection of XL bully puppies for sale is sure to include exactly what you’re looking for.

At King Built Bullies, we strive to produce quality dogs in various colors
& sizes.

Our American Bullies have shown
they can meet and exceed all standards of the breed.

We believe in ethical and
responsible breeders, with healthy, happy male and female bully dogs that receive premium care before and after birth.

Our American Bullies are friendly,
loved family pets and powerful show dogs, DNA certified for health. 

A result of years of meticulous breeding, all come with health guarantees so that you can more confidently add your newest family member to your home. As full-time male-female bully puppy breeders and enthusiasts, we are always eager to answer any questions from your side. Our new franchise is now open in pennsylvania

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