Understanding the Cost of Owning an American Bully in the Philippines in 2020


Introduction to Comparing Prices of American Bully Puppies in the Philippines in 2020

The American Bully is a breed of dog that originated in the United States in the early 1990s. It is a cross between an American Pitbull Terrier and a Bulldog. This breed has fast become popular among pet owners in the Philippines due to its loyal, affectionate and devoted nature. As with any other item you purchase, it’s essential to compare pricing when buying an American Bully puppy here in the Philippines in 2020.

To start off your comparison, first list down all your desired factors such as gender, age and size of the pup when deciding on whether this breed or another would be a good fit for you and your family’s lifestyle. Once you have made your list, it’s time to look at prices offered by different breeders around the country who offer puppies of this type. Prices for American bully puppies vary depending on several factors such as breeder reputation, health history, lineage (i.e., are they registered with any kennel clubs?) and location of purchase; typically those from larger cities tend to cost more than those from more rural areas around the country. With all these considerations taken into account you should easily be able to compare prices and make an informed decision about which breeder offers fair prices on their pups without lowering quality standards for temperaments etcetera––ultimately helping you find just what fits into both your budget as well as lifestyle needs!

In addition to shop-around pricing comparision, it is also important to consider what resources will be available at each prospective vendor or breeder before making decisions on where exactly you choose to buy an American Bully puppy from here in 2020: Do they offer warranties? Do they follow breeding best-practices? How long have they been operating? Is there a system already implemented for customer support post sale? Are there any conditioned guarantees should something go wrong with one of their pups after purchase? These are all questions that must be posed before signing up for services from any particular breeder given that poor after-sale care can rapidly wipe out any savings done pre-purchase.

Ultimately, comparing prices between vendors or kennels should serve not only as equivalency tests but also towards your overall satisfaction with results received post-sale; if quality standards are met across every sale criterion then finding an affordable price shouldn’t come too complicated while against all odds helping make 2020 one’s year with an American Bully pup!

Different Price Ranges of American Bully Puppies In The Philippines

The American Bully breed has quickly gained in popularity around the world, and the Philippines is no exception. While there are many different types of American Bully puppies available, their prices tend to fall into several distinct ranges. Depending on the breeder and the location, one can find a variety of prices for American Bully puppies in the Philippines.

The lowest range of pricing in terms of American Bullys typically starts at PHP 15 thousand up to PHP 25 thousand. These puppies will usually be between 8–18 weeks old and one must confirm that they still have papers proving lineage before agreeing to purchase them at these lower price points.

In the most common price range for American Bulldogs, one can expect to pay between PHP 25—45 thousand per puppy. In this particular range, one can choose from puppies aged 8–24 weeks with specific confirmation that they come from acknowledged bloodlines through paperwork or shows attended by their parents. Breeding fees at this level also become applicable if you wish to use your dog as a stud or purchase at least two females for breeding purposes later down-the-line.

At higher price ranges, it’s possible to spend anywhere from PHP 45–100 thousand on an American Bulldog puppy, depending on its age (4 months and older) as well as qualities such as show potential or unique coat colors/patterns — drastically increasing its value within the bully community. Beyond 120k is considered ultra-rare pricing which really only happens with show quality French Bulldogs since almost all quality ones get looted immediately after being born so supplies are limited and few owners are willing to actually part with them; spending this much would be considered more of an investment than simply buying a pet.

The best advice that we recommend is firstly doing research into various popular Bully breeds within the Philippines beforehand during any search process as some may require familial paperwork before finalizing a purchase — plus each type generally has their own standards when it comes down-to size & shape requirements too (e.g., pocket bullies vs standard bullies). And comparing prices across multiple breeders helps to ensure you won’t overpay while getting what you want out of any new canine companionship!

Factors Affecting The Price Of An American Bully Puppy In The Philippines

The price of American Bully puppies in the Philippines can vary depending on several factors, including breed availability, age, coat color and markings, genetics, and even local market trends. Puppies from high-quality breeders may cost more than those from less reputable sources due to the health guarantees associated with them. The specific geographic location also plays a role given that transportation costs impact the final sale prices.

Breeders play a vital role in setting the price for American Bully puppies since they are responsible for curating their bloodlines by mating equally talented and genetically compatible dogs. If a breeder has invested time and expense in creating an award-winning line of highly sought after Bullies, then prices will naturally be higher compared to regular non-pedigreed dogs.

Age is another factor affecting puppy prices since pet stores usually purchase younger animals (8 to 10 weeks old) which command lower sale prices than older dogs who tend to sell at higher figures due to their mature temperament, size and relative ease of training/socializing.. Breeders as well may decide against selling very young pups due to the effort required in caring for them until they reach peak physical fitness and mental alertness. Institutional buyers often pay top dollar for rare varieties especially if a very attractive long coat or bay could fetch considerably more from suitors interested in participating in shows or field trials!

Coat color and markings can account for major disparities between prices when it comes to Bullies; white or all-black varieties being especially valuable behind those exhibiting coats featuring blue brindling (a mix of black silver/gray shades). Of course, these qualities should never be confused with value judgments as both extremes are 100% normal variants within the breed standards recognized by kennel clubs worldwide!

Finally, despite any factor considered above each pup is unequivocally uniquely itself so prospective buyers should always visit breeders directly before making decisions mainly on financial grounds. After all true happiness cannot be purchased no matter the cost – only through love of your chosen companion can you forge unbreakable bonds with this special four-legged friend!

Pros and Cons of Buying an American Bully puppy In The Philippines

The American Bully is a popular breed of dog that has become increasingly popular in the Philippines. With their thick coat, muscular build, and overall friendliness, it’s not hard to see why they’ve gained such admiration in the country. However, with any breed of dog there are pros and cons to owning one so let’s explore these!


1. Low Maintenance – They have short hair which makes them quite low maintenance when it comes to grooming and care compared to other more high-maintenance breeds like Poodles or Golden Retrievers.

2. Highly Obedient – American Bullies are intelligent dogs meaning they can be trained quickly with consistent reinforcement when it comes to basic obedience and commands. This makes them great family pets as kids won’t need to struggle against the stubbornness some breeds possess when trying to teach them tricks or listen to simple commands.

3. Outgoing – Known for being friendly and socializing easily with people and animals alike, an American Bully can be a great companion for your family or as an additional pet for your existing animal companions provided proper introduction techniques are used.

4. Protective – Despite their outgoing nature, American Bullies will instinctively guard their owners if ever faced with any threats or danger, making them an excellent deterrent should one ever be needed at home or within close proximity of its owner .


1. Size – A fully grown American Bully can reach heights upwards of 1m so they require plenty of space in which they can move around comfortably within the household otherwise they could potentially become destructive out of boredom due to insufficient amounts of exercise every day taking a toll on their behavior at home

2. Shedding – Thankfully this isn’t too common occurring but bear in mind occasional shedding could occur depending on climate conditions where you live paired up with external factors like stress due to changes in the routine your pup may experience over time

3. Behavioral Issues – Unfortunately certain behavioral issues may arise such as over excitement when greeted by house guests or even territorial tendencies if not socialized properly amongst children or strangers coming into contact with its owner regularly All things considered owning an American Bully is certainly worthwhile for those who want a low maintenance companion that is also highly muscled offering protection accordingly despite its cheerful demeanor; however caution must still be taken ensuring all variables from size requirements to etiquettes are met prior investing in one as some preparation prior can make all the difference!

Step by Step Guide to Buying an American Bully Puppy In The Philippines

Buying an American Bully puppy in The Philippines can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right guidance and some research, you can make the process much simpler.

First of all, identify what type of American bully breed suits your lifestyle needs. Depending on whether you plan to use them for shows or companionship, you may want to consider larger or smaller breeds. Researching the health issues associated with different breeds is also important; learning more about their grooming needs and energy level will influence which breed you choose. Once you’ve chosen your desired breed, make sure to take into account any possible allergies that could come up when selecting prospective puppies.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to find reputable sources where you can purchase a puppy. It’s always best to buy from a registered breeder who has years of experience and knowledge about their dogs and their genetics; such information will ensure that your puppy is healthy and well-adjusted prior to bringing them home. If a breeder isn’t available in your area or if there just aren’t many options around, look for high quality stores that are certified by the American Bulldog Association (ABA). These establishments must follow certain guidelines before selling puppies in order for customers to be guaranteed fair prices as well as good standards of care for the pups being sold. Additionally, inquire about registration papers with AKC or ACA; registration papers provide assurance that the pup’s parents were officially recognized by a recognized kennel club organization before breeding was allowed in order for potential customers know exactly what kind of pup they are buying – allowing for even better confirmation about the characteristics and traits passed down from the parent dog! This paper work also gives essential background details on how much vet check-up was done before purchase and other important medical information relevant when owning an animal companion like age/breed restrictions imposed on vaccination/grooming/exercise -allowing new owners enough time to prepare future plans concerning their new pet stay fit throughout its lifetime while knowing what preventative steps they should take beforehand prior avoiding any mistreatment down line due a lack proper understanding specific health risks associated each particular existing canine race involved !

Once purchased, it is essential that you bring your puppy home in a safe environment complete with essentials such as bedding materials and food bowls immediately upon arriving at its destination – this way not only does it familiarize itself around within its new comfort space quicker but avoids potentially hazardous instances occurring involving unrestrained movement activity going during transit . It is advised when meeting pup either person working establishment as nature considerably plays role deciding decent playmate choice so be aware keep composure maintain open & friendly atmosphere when evaluating potential companion ! After making final purchase schedule vaccinating appointments necessary available centers ensuring vaccinations go according stringent health measures follow via standard farming regulations encourage maintain overall wellness society . Finally when habitat selection arrives opt relatively larger spacious living quarters one mange move around offering adequate space playtime activities encouraging natural overall instincts release pent up energy while staying safeguard property objects vicinity !

In conclusion buying an American Bully Puppy in The Philippines needn’t be difficult provided preparation research taken advance formulating actionable plans along route resulting becoming proud happy pet parent quickly possible scenario !

FAQs About Purchasing An American Bully Puppy In The Philippines

Q: What kinds of American Bully puppies are available in the Philippines?

A: The Philippine market for American Bully puppies offers a wide variety of breeds from Classic, Pocket and Standard size. Depending on availability and region, some breeders may also be offering XL-type varieties as well. To get an idea about the various size ranges and breed types that are available in the Philippines, it is best to check with local breeders or search online resources.

Q: How much does an American Bully puppy cost in the Philippines?

A: Prices will vary depending on the age, breeding lines and other factors like regional availability when it comes to purchasing an American Bully puppy in the Philippines. Generally speaking though, you can expect to pay anywhere between PHP 8,000-13,000+ for a good quality specimen. You can find pocket sized American Bullies for slightly less than that range while standard ones usually start at around 10k+. Some rarer or absolute top quality specimens may even cost upwards of 15K depending on their lineage and age.

Q: Is there any paperwork I need to bring when buying an American Bully puppy in the Philippines?

A: Yes! It is important to do your own due diligence prior to making a purchase to ensure that all animals being sold are registered with a legitimate kennel club such as PTCFI (Philippine Toy Club Federation Incorporated). This will help protect buyers by providing them with proper documentation regarding ownership at the same time helping reduce chances of frauds involving fake breeds being sold off as purebreds. Additionally it wouldn’t hurt having prints of any veterinary vaccinations administered already so you know exactly what healthcare protocol needs to be followed up upon bringing home your new pup!

Q: Are there any import/export restrictions I should know about when buying overseas?

A: Currently buying puppies over international borders aren’t allowed under the laws set by the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) per Republic Act No 8485 ARAV (Animal Welfare Act Of 1998). Puppy owners living abroad who wish to relocate back home can however file a Pet Import Permit which costs around PHP 1000+ but please be advised that applications take anywhere between 3 – 6 months processing time so plan accordingly if this route is chosen!