Celebrity Couples Demonstrating That Fame Doesn’t Diminish True Love


Piers Morgan And Celia Walden — Together Since 2010


Piers Morgan stands out as a prominent figure in the UK media landscape, beginning his journey in 1989 as a journalist and editor for multiple publications like The Daily Mirror and The Sun. At the age of 29, he set a record by becoming the youngest editor of a leading news organization. His career trajectory continued upwards, leading him to host flagship programs such as Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan Live. He further expanded his horizons by participating as a judge on reality shows like America’s Got Talent and its British version. In 2006, Piers found his soulmate in Celia Walden, a respected journalist and critic. They exchanged vows in Oxfordshire in 2010. Their bond has been unwavering, providing mutual support through all life’s challenges. They truly seem like a match made in heaven, destined for lifelong happiness together!

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