Well! It’s no denying that nothing is cuter than a puppy who has just reached home and still sobbing around. We are all aware of lovely videos of cute puppies who are continuously trying to hop over the stairs or the ones in which daddies are trying to teach puppies how to climb upstairs. It is also true that time is a good factor in training puppies when to use stairs. Therefore, it is best to give a few months or more weeks to tackle a puppy for being on a safer side.

Training your pet to use the stairs is essential for their safety in their day-to-day lives and should be started only a few months after their birth. Unluckily, one of the scariest things is the critical tool, the stair or staircase, for your puppy. A puppy can go through these problems on every step in normal conditions, but why put this tiny creature in the issue.

So if you want to know when puppies can climb stairs and when it will be safe to start climbing, keep reading the valuable pieces of information.

Appropriate age for a puppy to tackle stairs

When it comes to puppies, there is a wide variety of shapes, breeds, and sizes; however, the most appropriate age for puppies to start climbing stairs is about 12 weeks. This means that the puppy can safely take up a step on the stairs depending on its age and breed.

That being said. More giant breeds like Labradors, Staffordshire, and collies should not go around the stairs for longer, as these dogs are all prone to hip and joint issues. So over-exercising and overworking can result in stiffness and physical pains in the weaker areas when they get older. This goes to climbing stairs as well.

Therefore, they shouldn’t climb stairs before they become strong and tackle them safely.

Potential risks for puppies

Generally, puppies are fond of learning, seeing, and trying everything, as they are full of keenness and energy. That being said, some particular things should not be taken too early to enhance the chance of injury and hurt to puppies.

Unluckily the stairs are the most common and important things out of those things.

Reasons for why puppies hesitate to climb stairs

Even puppies who used to climb the stairs perfectly more often can instantly refuse or be afraid to climb on one day or the next. This hesitation can be because of different factors and reasons. So let’s have a look at a little of them.

  • Pain

If your puppy has recently got a severe injury or entered into senior years, climbing upstairs can be overwhelming and more painful. If the pain is not severe, then there are chances that they can climb up the stairs, but sadly the aging cannot be reversed.

  • Long nails

All of us can often ignore the long nails of our puppies, as they do not grow regularly, but some more than others. You may see the puppies starting to limp long distances and walking because of the overgrown nails. If you have every chance to cut the pins off the pet, the better option is to take them to the vet.

  • Trauma

If your puppy has experienced or fallen something horrible in the past at the top or bottom of the steps, your pet could be facing trauma. It will be your option to get the confidence and self-reliance to come back. At the initial stage, you have to overcome the puppy’s fear and try to climb the stairs again.

  • Too slippery

The most crucial fear or reason why the puppy can’t climb up the stairs is if the stairs are too slippery or waxed washed to make them too smooth, or even then, the puppy could not climb the stairs.

Safety precautions to make stairs safe

  • ¬†Good grip

If you want the puppies to climb the stairs safely without getting any hit or injury, make your stairs in the home safe, fall-proof, and well made. There should be any support on the side of the staircase to ease puppies to climb over the stairs to make them safe. You should install the sticky grips or mount the carpets on the edges and sides of the stairs. Ensure that the grips on the stairs should be glued appropriately down because this can lead to upcoming hazards for you and your puppy.

  • Lighting

Lighting is the essential factor to ease your pet to look for the stairs quickly, as, in dark areas, it will be difficult for the pet to climb the stairs. It does not mean you have to switch on the lighting in the stair area for the whole day, but there should be enough light for the pet to go through.

  • Remove clutter

The best option is to clear the stair area to trip up for your pup to be on the safe side for puppies. For instance, some people used to have an additional space on the side of the staircase to hold bags, vases, books, and many more things. These are unlucky things that can hider in the way of puppies.

  • Install ramp in porch

Make your pets’ lives easy by making their routine outgoings more in reach. Some houses are on a very high level above the ground, thus challenging puppies and smaller pets. Mounting a ramp with a few steps will help them out of danger and reduce the chance of getting an injury temporarily or permanently.

Common injuries for puppies

There are various ways puppies can get injuries by falling from the stairs. Unluckily we ignore these injuries, especially for particular breed dogs, but the following are the most common injuries that your puppy can get from falling from downstairs.

  • Limping

Limping is the most common injury from bruising to a displaced hip or broken leg. If the limp in a puppy looks to linger, then it has to be checked with the veterinarian. Likewise, if your small pet used to cry or winced while walking on the limp, then you should consult the vet as soon as possible.

  • Internal breeding

This type of injury that you cannot notice often can result in an urgent surgery or even worse. If your pet gets a nasty fall from downstairs or upstairs, the excellent option is to take it immediately to the vet, as there might be a case of internal bleeding.

  • Head injuries

If your pet gets a head injury by hitting it on any complex thing, then there might be a chance of brain damage or other trauma. In this case, you should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

When can puppies climb stairs

Frequently asked questions

When can I allow my pup to climb upstairs?

However, the puppies climb upstairs at about 12 weeks old in most cases. This means depending on the breed and type of puppy; your puppy can try to take a step at a minimum age. On the other hand, the bigger dogs of some species like border collies, Labradors used to tend away from stairs.

Is it good for puppies to climb upstairs?

It is logical by the experts that the puppy owners should carry their pets up and downstairs at the age of the first six months, but this factor depends on the breed and size of the puppy a lot. So do not allow your puppy freely to climb upstairs until they get older and fully grown.

Can 2- months old puppy climb stairs?

The small-sized puppies and medium-sized pets can climb stairs safely at 12 weeks. However, the large-sized puppies cannot do the job prone to hip dysplasia, which can harm him if he keeps doing it at a younger age.

Can a puppy fall downstairs?

A steep staircase can be a dangerous one to handle the young ones. If your pup falls from the flight of stairs, they can be seriously injured or even killed. That is why it is essential to keep them away from the staircase at a younger age.

When can a large breed puppy climb stairs?

The proper time to introduce your large breed puppies to stairs is 3 months, as a part of your socialization routine. Due to the injuries and increased risk of joint-related developmental issues in larger breeds, you should wait to introduce your pup to climb upstairs.


To wrap up, it will not be wrong to say that some home environments are adequately safe and sound for puppies to climb the problematic areas and feel comfortable. Still, various places can be challenging for even more adventurous for them. These areas can be balconies, sliding patio doors, and stairs.
Therefore, with puppies and stairs, you need to watch them until they get older, being self-confident and agile to climb up or downstairs to be safer to get injuries. Moreover, making safer staircase and safety precautions teach the puppies to climb stairs more safely.

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When can puppies Climb Stairs? All Tips and precautions