King Built Bullies Opens New Facility in Pennsylvania


King Built Bullies are no longer just Kings in Florida. We are now also offering services in Pennsylvania. Leaders in XL American Bully Breeding and XL Pitbull Breeding  With over 500 dogs on site, We are one of the top providers of Bullying Pitbulls and dogs globally. Located in Florida but with connections all over the country, we are breeding with some of the best bloodlines approved by the biggest names in the game. King Built Bullies launched offices in Pennsylvania and started providing dogs here also.

We offer xl Pitbulls for protection and XXL Pit bulls for sale. Our extreme bullies come in a variety of sizes. Xl American bullies for sale or XXL Bullies are now available at a cheaper price and guarantee money back if the dog doesn’t look like the one in the picture. Our Xl Pitbulls and xl bullies are top of the line and well trained. 

Our services in Pennsylvania

Providing high-quality American Bulldogs for sale, we have now opened our services to Pennsylvania residents. Our xl Pitbulls are the best available dogs because they are a small bully version of the American Pitbull Terrier and are specially trained to welcome new owners. We have friendly, playful bulldogs and bullies that are always at your side when you need them.

If you do not have the space to exercise your dogs, we offer dog walking services. As long as the shipping regulations aren’t violated, we will deliver puppies to any place in Pennsylvania. Additionally, we ship internationally. The best thing about us is that we do not hand dogs to anyone. We make sure that the person who is buying dogs from us can take care of them. Is he a good person to keep them happy? And many other necessary things. There is a complete screening test before delivering a dog that we conduct. 


How we take care of our puppies at King Built Bullies

Located in Pennsylvania, the Now King Built Bullies kennel is involved in every aspect of breeding and servicing dogs, from the point of birth to the point of sale. For the dogs to be friendly to everyone they meet, the company ensures that they receive proper training. The dogs are also well-fed and in good health, as we take great care of them. The dog caretakers regularly arrange for the dogs to be socialized within a safe environment.

Our goal at King Built Bullies is to raise high-quality dogs capable of competing in shows and trials. The puppies are raised by our breeders and are imprinted by the breeders. We keep our dog kennel clean at all times. Our puppies enjoy socialization and training sessions every day. We provide all of our dogs with the love and satisfaction they deserve.

What kind of dogs do we offer?

We at King Built Bullies are proud to offer xl bully puppies of the same heritage, temperament, and superior genetics as our standard-sized puppies. As one of America’s premier producers of large Pitbulls and American Bullies, we have earned a reputation for quality over many years.

Among our bulldog puppies is a family with the right amount of intelligence to offer pleasure and joy to our customers worldwide. In several cities across the United States, our XXL bully puppies are being adopted by families. Our service is undoubtedly reliable in providing puppy deliveries to various countries across the globe. 

Before delivering them to other states, our XXL bullies, American bullies, and XL Pitbulls are constantly evaluated under screening conditions. By sending email and text messages while being transported via airplane or by road, we keep our customers updated about every step of their journey.

It is becoming more challenging to find an authentic source for Xl Pitbulls and Xl Bullies, due to the rising demand for Pitbulls dog breed. You need not worry when you can order from us right away and receive your order within no time.


What makes our XL Bully puppies unique and stand out from others

All of the dogs at Now King Built Bullies are lovingly raised by their owners. To ensure our puppies become wonderful family pets, we socialize them with our children and other pets. After housebreaking, we spend plenty of time outside mingling with the puppies and learning how to run, jump, dig and get into everything you don’t want them to. As we raise dogs, we want them to be the kind of dogs we are proud to stand by, not puppies that may grow into adult bullies too large to get along with people or other animals.

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King Built Bullies is a Pennsylvania-based breeder of pure-bred pitbull puppies. In addition to providing information about the breed, we aim to be informative and helpful to people looking to buy pit bulls. We breed, train and show quality American Pitbull Terriers at our company. After building a trusty and successful relationship with our customers in Florida, we have started our services in Pennsylvania. We ship dogs not only in Pennsylvania but all over the world. What are you waiting for?  If you are looking to buy high-quality puppies at reasonable prices, you have just found the right place. Place an order at (941)-600-7323.