Teaching and training this pet is sometimes overwhelming on how it can ignore other dogs while walking through when it comes to dogs. You might imagine, you and your dog are walking on the road in peace and relaxed. Instantly another person is coming from the opposite side also coming with their dog. When your dog sees another fellow starts to bark either in excitement or for any other reason and lunges against the other dog.

Not only this type of behavior is improper and rude towards other doggo, but it can also result in any serious injury to someone’s other buddy. Indeed, you are not sure about another dog, how will it react to your dog’s excited greeting and change its aggressive behavior.

Now, look at another scenario that while with your dog, it completely ignores other dogs and walks away straightly, calmly, and quietly.

What do you think isn’t the better way?

Yes! It is for sure.

You can notice this perspective if and only if you train your dog to do so.

Therefore, in this post, you will be literate thoroughly on how you can teach your dog to ignore other’s dogs. So without waiting, let’s have a look at the various ways.

How to train your dog to ignore other dogs, all about it

Teaching your dog to ignore other dogs

There are not many desires when teaching your dog to ignore other pets, especially other dogs, as only you will need enough time to walk with your dog. It will be better to have a day or more than this.

There are 4 must-haves you should look for:

  • Leash for walking
  • Treats for rewarding
  • 2 to 3 hours of walk each day
  • Loads of patience

The attention-reward method

Training your dog in psychiatric ways is easy and more practical. Before going for a walk, call your pet by his common name. Offer him a treat when he looks at you. It will be better to repeat the process many times for the next couple of days around your house until he looks at you when you call his name. Try to walk in the distance and train him to walk with other dogs. Now he looks on them, calls his name again, offers him a treat of his liked thing if he looks at you.
Moreover, using a similar method, stat to be closer to him and treat him if he used to go back or move forward. It would help if you kept working on this method until you pass with your dog with the other fellow without being worried about your dog’s misbehavior.

The nudge method

In this method, take out your dog for a walk, and stay keep and quiet while walking. Your dog will notice and follow you and try to behave the same way. Suddenly, if your dog sees another dog and begins to lunge towards another dog, do not pull your dog’s leash until it makes him pull more challenging. Therefore, to distract him, offer him a teat if he settles down instead of softly nudging your pet to the opposite side with the use of your knee.

Moreover, if your dog does not come back down, you should opt for the sharp tug on his leash by calling his name. If he behaves reasonably, offers him a treat. This method will be effective and time-consuming, but you should be patient and take a week or more to train your dog and accomplish the change in behavior and conduct in your pet.

The friend method

The friend method proceeds with asking for help from various friends to bring their dogs to educate your dog for the training session. Put your dog on the leash in the large area and stand behind it. It would help if you asked your friend to come with their dog in front of your dog where your pet is standing. Each time you will notice that your dog will start to lunge and bark at another dog. Command him to sit down quietly with calm and not to do so. If he obeys your command, offer him a treat for his conduct.
For around 30 minutes for a teaching session regularly at least many times in one week, this will be an excellent way to teach your dog to ignore another dog. Once your dog is a master in this trick, you can take it out without hesitation for a walk in any public place and expect good behavior from him.

Distraction method

When you know that you are getting the attention of your doggo and you can walk over with the loose leash, you can go to practice by training your pet by placing distractions and hindrances. You can do this by taking out your dog for the walk-in in different types of locations. Make sure to go on multiple routes that can take you in different environments to make your dogs used to all types of distractions.
Furthermore, the places where you can practice for your dog include the routes on which there can be lots of other dogs, as this is the best way to practice your dog to ignore other dogs. Dogs are habitual in communicating with the other dogs, making their task easy to approach with each other with ease. If your dog ignores other dogs around in a well ay, you should understand that your dog training is successful.

Similarly, the dogs that come with the breed with the high prey drive, the small animals like squirrels and bunnies, are very distracting. The routes of these birds through parks are also an excellent way to practice dogs to ignore other dogs. If your dog ignores other types of animals, it will likely healthily ignore other dogs.

Moreover, the urban areas and cities, where there are many crowded people and many unique things and smells to be distracted by, are the more practical areas where you can take your dog to practice. If you notice your dog go through without being distracted in these crowded areas, then it will be a rule of thumb that your dog will surely ignore other dogs of a similar breed or even any other breed.
Therefore, the more distraction will your dog face, the better will be the practice for him to ignore other dogs.

Need for your dog to ignore other dogs

Training and teaching your dog to ignore other dogs is essential to making them obedient. A vital learning practice is that your dog should pay more attention to you as their owner, which is as important as training them the type of commands and recalling their names. This will make them better trained and safer in every aspect.

Some dogs come with the habit of not reacting well when a new dog breed comes in front of them. That being said, if your dog comes across with another dog that does not like yours, your dog should ignore it by every means. If your dog plans to lunge at an unfriendly dog, they can fight with others and lead to injuring each other.

Therefore, to avoid this situation, it is the best option to teach your dog to ignore other dogs while walking, as this also shows the strong bonding between you and your dog that they obey your command, listen to you and respect you.

Frequently asked questions

How do I train my dog to be calm around other dogs?

In case your dog is uncontrollable in front of other dogs, there are various ways by which you can train your dog to be calm towards other dogs to help them teach to be calm and calm o encounter. It would help if you did not greet other dogs on leash, search for good trainers for your dog, train your dog to focus on other dogs’ behavior, and use hand targets to interrupt the playtime.

Should my dog ignore other dogs?

Yes, your dog should ignore another dog for his safety and the other dogs as well. If your dog comes across another dog that does not like yours, your dog should ignore them. If your dog plays to attack or bark, they can get into a fight and get injured. So it will be a better option to train your dog to ignore another dog while out on the walks.

How do you train your dog from going crazy when he sees another dog?

To stop your dog from going crazy, bring extra and yummy treats while walking with your dog on the very initial step. These treats should be offered only when your dog sees the other dogs and comes to aggressive behavior. As soon as you notice any dog, start praising them lavishly and offering them a treat.

Why does my dog go crazy when he sees other dogs?

The behavior of other dogs stresses most dogs that used to bark and lunge on another dog. There might be aggressive, scared, and overexcited, as seeing the other dog without being able to run, attack, escape is generally upsetting, so as a result, the dog barks or lunges. It means that your dog wants to get the other dog away.


So to wrap up, how to train your dog to ignore other dogs, the above material will be a valuable piece of information in a good way. There are many reasons why your dog does not react positively against other dogs. So it is better to teach your dog in positive ways, like opting for friend mothed, distraction, nudge and treat reward methods. Making your dog socialize and friendly towards other fellows is as good as their behavior and attitude as all these methods will be an excellent way to train your dog for being safe and making other dogs safe.

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How to train your dog to ignore other dogs, all about it