Apart from the harm of the irritating stuff, munching on wood trim would sometimes be dangerous for puppies and dogs. It is well known that we have to keep our wooden furniture and other wooden items intact to make it possible to make your pets safe and sound.

How do keep dogs from chewing on wood trim?

Once you may have assumed the purpose of your dog’s damaging chewing, you may then take steps to make him available for it – here, we explain the right reasons why the dog keeps chewing on the wooden trims

Give your dog chew toys

1st step to avoid your dog to stop your puppy chewing wood trim is to provide him with something more effective to chew on. It would be better utmost to confound him with a strong chew toy that would not injure his teeth or may be swallowed.

Any local pet store may have a huge variety of chew toys chosen from. Many dogs are good at playing with anything they can have their paws on.

Mix up hard chewing sticks with a soft, high-pitched toy. Knitted rope toys are great for playing heave of war and give him suitable textures.

Feeder toys can be filled with pleasures and could be enjoyable to solve with a treat at the end.

Check your dog and observe what types of toys he prefers. Dogs need to have some active playing time with their owner.

Form physical barriers between wood trim and the dog

On the other side, having the dog physically separate and fare from the room has wooden trim. Pet or baby gates may have your dog fare from areas or items he has been consuming.

Heaps are a good training tool for puppies and could be a safe harbor for your adult dog. It’s innate for dogs to seek out small, caring spaces for themselves.

Crate training would not only make your dog reachable to your wood furniture and trim, but it would be a peaceful space for him, too.

Provide your dog with enough exercise and attention

It is also essential to provide your dog’s attractive mental and physical inspiration every day. Paly and exercise are critical to a dog’s overall comfort.

Without this inspiration, dogs may become anxious and bored and chew items, including wood trim.

Your dog may require much exercise before he stops chewing the wood!

However, a good and well-exercised dog would be good behaved and is comparatively less likely to develop any bad habits compared to a dog that is always left alone.

Deterrent fluid on the wooden trims  

Another way is to use nasty apple spray on your baseboard, furniture, and your dog’s favorite chewing spots. Make the dog away from anything which tastes dreadful.

Stem a little on the wood trims, and it would turn your dog off from the moment his lips anywhere require the wood.

Dog behavior training

You may have to work with a simple; when you check your dog chewing on your baseboard trims, you may move him to another place and provide him a toy to make him busy.

Training would be complicated and would take much more time than just installing a baby gate, but it will main to a better-behaved dog. Do not try hitting or shouting at your dog while they can’t quite pick up commands.

Use a positive attitude, provide good behavior, and be steady. Presently, you will not even have to give him luxuries. He would possibly be away from your wood trim fixtures on his own.

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How to stop a dog from chewing on wood trim