When you may have a dog once in your life, I am sure you may also like other common people having dogs asking how long time you may have with your dog. Good, like each one has known that dog is a family animal and good human friend. Therefore, we cannot spend much time with them because we have also work to do, like, family, relatives, friends, school or college, and other activities in life.

Keeping dogs at home alone is a serious issue for a dog owner. Although our commitment to other social movements, also we are not at home for many hours a week. However, it would be the poor care and training, some dogs having a feeling of unwanted if owners of dog leave them for long every day. Many dogs hurt from separation suffering.

Here we discuss dealing with a dog while leaving him alone for a short and long time. Your dog will remain fine and smooth after with good awareness and look after if you leave him for 12 hours.

Good training built on experts is a method to show your dog how to relish at home alone without being strained.

Here is a step by step guide to follow.

My dog’s reaction

Make it possible to leave your dog at home and observe its reaction.

To make you ready to go while your dog is sitting with you. You would have to exit while he is looking at you. If your dog reacts, you exit; ignore it and continue to exist. Continue with this exercise two to three times a day or until he is used to it. Make him all the time; he will not track you outside.

Provide him a lot of free time

It means nobody would be closed to him for a long time. In this case, do not pay attention and play with your dog for a long time. Give him and leave him for his own free time; thus, he may learn how to work alone and feel free at the same time.

Several pet toys to him

It is also a good alternative to be away for twelve hours, provide him some activities in the shape of pet toys to make him busy and great fun. You may also use his dry dog food. Here are also some good pet toys available in the market today. However, it proves that these toys keep the dog’s attention longer than any pet toy. Please make sure to avoid any toys that can be gnawed. These toys may give your dog breathing problems.

Provide him with a nice bed

While leaving, make sure that your dog may have an energizing room to relax or sleep in. A good bed may relax both his mind and body. You may also put his beloved toy at his bedside. A good place to sleep would make your dog away from a boring attitude and having annoying actions even though you are away.

While making a good space to sleep, makes sure that your dogs are secured, and the space is spacious. Formed his bed is under a roof so he would remain dry when there is some bad weather issue.

Make a routine to keep him alone

Steady times for walking, meals, and play would train your dog to be used to being alone for as long as twelve hours. If you leave, you will not make him feel, which would go you for a long time.

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How to leave the dog alone for 12 hours