Well! How much to feed an XL American bully puppy? It is a crucial and most commonly asked question. It is a good decision that will significantly affect your dog’s health and long-lasting life, especially for XL American bully puppy. The requirements of your bully depend on weight, activity level, age, and metabolism.

So if you want to know in detail about how much to feed an XL bully puppy, keep on reading this valuable post.

American bully feeding chart

As American bullies come with a vast and healthy body, they try to gain weight more quickly, so they need small portions of food depending on their age and weight.

A feeding chart for American bullies will help you track the amount of feed your puppy needs to ensure the healthy growth of their body. To calculate the number of calories your dog needs, multiply their RER resting metabolic requirement by two.

Two-week American Bully Puppy

At this age, the puppy is entirely dependent on the mother’s fed as they live with their mother. If the mother cannot provide sufficient milk, they will need the ready-made formula to make sure that they should get the essential nutrients.

Four-week-old American puppy

At this age level, your puppy can quickly eat solid food and be offered tiny amounts of food to check if they want to eat. It is better to mix ¾ water with ¼ puppy food because they cannot eat pure food due to their small stomach. They can still feed on their mother’s milk at this level.

Six-week-old American bully puppy

At this age, your extra-large puppy is ready to eat and switched over to a proper puppy food diet. The processing to give this diet should be gradual due to the small stomach they come with. It would help if you slowly increased the ratio of food to water, like less water and more food. When your puppy is used to eating this food, you can give the proper amount of food without adding water.

Eight weeks American bully

Eight-week-old puppy is now a fully grown-up dog and can move into its new home. The food should be given four times a day and if they do not get fed, take the plate away to develop good eating habits. Offer them ¾ to 1 cup of feed per meal in one day; as an owner, it should be your responsibility to give the amount of feed they got in the breeder’s home.

Ten weeks American bully puppy

At this age, the puppy’s food should consist of 1 cup and be given four times in one day. Do not offer more food than required to maintain healthy growth and weight.

12 weeks American bully

One cup of food per meal is sufficient at this age, but you should reduce the number of meal times to three. Increasing your puppy’s feed depends on the activity your puppy regularly does.

Nutritional needs of your American puppy

The essential nutrients that your puppy needs are:


Every breed of dog needs vitamins for its growth for must. Vitamin E is a must for the improvement of the immune system. Vitamin A is excellent for maintaining hair and healthy skin. These vitamins are found in fruits and vegetables.


Carbohydrate is an excellent source of energy for American bullies. These are found in wheat, oats, and rice up to 30 to 70%.


Proteins are prepared of amino acids that help strengthen muscles and repair body functions.

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How much to feed an xl American bully puppy (feeding chart and guide)